Helen Ng

Founder of Eye Care Foundation

Primary eye care is my passion and over the past 27 years, I have been working in conjunction with a number of optometrists to set up a comprehensive primary eye care system within the private clinical environment in Australia. I have been able to successfully introduce the system particularly to our Asian base of customers, including those of Chinese, Korean, Indian and several other backgrounds. This is an achievement of which I am really proud.

Through my experience of doing business in China, I have sadly learned the extent of which eye health and eye diseases are still major issues in the country and so for a long time now, it has been a great dream of mine to be able to introduce and establish this primary eye care system in China. Through the establishment of the Eye Care Foundation, there is the opportunity to promote this system in China, to help improve the standards of eye health.

Currently, the Eye Care Foundation has set up an office in Nanjing and a mobile eye-testing vehicle housed with professional optical services which can be easily accessible by the public in China. From late 2016 to 2017, we intend to launch a campaign, ‘Children’s Vision in China’ which focuses on children’s eye health through the provision of free eye scanning tests for an estimated 40,000 students in Nanjing and the donation of more than 10,000 spectacles to underprivileged students within the Nanjing local community.

This mission of the Eye Care Foundation, to establish primary eye care facilities and volunteer personnel in countries that currently lack comprehensive optometry services will be an ongoing and lifelong project for myself and the committee. However, I believe that with strong desire and determination of growing this purpose, the Eye Care Foundation can be an extraordinary platform through which everyone can have better access to comprehensive eye health.

Dr Chooi Beh


Although I am qualified as an accountant and currently work in private practice, I have always been greatly involved in making a difference and motivating those within the community through working for the Victorian government and as a lecturer at La Trobe University. I have also been a long supporter of different community projects when I was a member of the Rotary Club. However, my deep interest has been on eye protection and eye care ever since I was temporarily blinded and nearly lost my sight in a major car accident when I was 20 years old. It was, indeed, a very scary experience to live in a world of darkness and something I would never wish upon anyone else. It saddens me greatly to know that widespread eye degeneration and eye diseases are such major concerns in our current time. That is why I made the wholehearted decision to support and be involved with the Eye Care Foundation, which was established to promote preventive care and health of the eyes.t makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Richard Chan


I have always dreamed of helping people who are less fortunate than me. I would like to use my expertise in finance to help grow Eye Care Foundation into a sustainable not for profit organisation.

Kim Wee


I believe that humanity exists because of the love and care we express to each other. Although we live an ever-changing environment, I want the support and opportunities that Eye Care Foundation gives to the younger generation to always be available, no matter how much society changes.

Veronica Luc


Volunteering and helping those in need is something I hold very close to my heart. This is due to my upbringing in Vietnam, where people had helped my family out for a few generations. This is why I have such a passion for charitable work – I truly believe in giving back.

My past volunteering experiences include helping out orphans and the elderly in Vietnam. After establishing my restaurant, I was able to raise funds through selling rice dumplings and moon cakes the public. These proceeds went mainly towards buying food and medicine for the ones in need. Every few years, I will also bring a team over to help out and cook for a few destinations in Vietnam that are in need.

I feel very fortunate to have what I do now, which is why I use my abundances on helping the less fortunate. In continuing to volunteer, I hope to be able to pass this mindset and vision onto my daughters so that they can teach their future generations to volunteer and spread love around the world.

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