The provision of primary eye care aims to make eye care readily accessible in the community. This can be achieved by providing comprehensive optometry examinations to the public, which not only covers an in-depth assessment of your eyesight but also the examination of eye health through associative eye tests. A primary eye care system also provides education on eye health, so that communities are able to take preventative measures against eye disease. Through the delivery of eye care services, all communities can develop a strong awareness and knowledge of common eye diseases, as well as the importance of eye health. 



Unfortunately, primary eye care is not well established in many Asian countries, which has resulted in a significant amount of people suffering from eye-related conditions. In China, it is estimated that around five million people suffer from blindness. That is why our first step towards carrying out our mission is to focus on building a solid primary eye care system in China. Education is a key element in our mission, so we endeavour to increase public awareness of eye care and common eye conditions such as refractive errors, amblyopia and dry eyes and eye diseases such as trachoma, cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration through eye care seminars and screening tests at schools. With the generous support of the public, our charitable project also intends to provide mobile eye care services to rural areas in China. This is only the first step of our mission and there is a lot more that the Eye Care Foundation hopes to achieve for communities in need. We hope you can join us in fulfilling this mission.